Always Moving Forward

We chose the classic Caddy because of its weight and old-school credibility. This car is a tank, so by making it electric, we prove a point.


1973 Cadillac El Dorado

We chose the classic caddy because of its weight and old-school credibility. This car is a tank, so making it electric makes a point.

Our goal is to restore these vehicles and convert them from gas powered vehicles to LoopGen powered electric vehicles that don’t require recharging from the electric grid. These history making vehicles will be used to showcase to our political leaders that the path to a carbon free future begins with retrofitting the legacy fleet, which is over 300M cars in the USA alone. A program to retrofit older vehicles using our patent pending technology, could put massive numbers of high paying jobs into every congressional district, reduce the burden on the electric grid and the need to speed limited funds on new charging stations, and help the USA lead the world in meeting 2050 climate goals.

This 1980 Corvette is in line for an update! The 1980 Corvette was among the first models to be produced has manufacturers began to think about aerodynamics in design and better gas milage.
Our design team thinks we can push this vehicle to 400 miles driving distance even before we integrate Proteus technology. We are thinking to offer a video subscription to allow people the world over to witness this conversion in real-time.