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Beyond Plug-in Recharging

Our 2023 AVANI E4 SUV is now on pre-order.


Electa  Motors  is  introducing  an  exciting  next  generation  line  of  electric vehicles  that  will  have  multiple  recharging  options,  instead  of  the  only  option  being plugging  into  the  electric  grid.  The  2024  E4  will  use  a  revolutionary  recharging technology we call “Loop-Gen” charging, along with fuel to electric recharging from our patented  Proteus  generator. The  developing  Loop-Gen  system  incorporates  generator/motors  on  the  wheels  and  a  new  patent  pending  circuitry  managed  by  artificial intelligence  that  regulates  the  recharging  of  the  vehicle’s  battery  packs. 


Our first generation  design  uses  a  stackable  20  KW  module  that  makes  391  ft-lbs  of  torque. Three  modules  stacked  together  (about  12  inches  long)  will  make  60  KW  and  1173  ft-lbs of torque.  In short,  Proteus system will be able to replenish kWs as fast as they are consumed  in  driving  the  vehicle.    We  acknowledge  that  there’s  no  such  thing  as  cars having perpetual motion, but our new vehicles will be as close to free energy as can be. 




Options and Specification

We’re a startup with a brand new technology that is introducing a limited edition SUV that is optimized for spunky family use. While the final configuration is not yet determined, the E4 is sure to begin a new conversation about convenience and driving range in electric vehicles.

The limited edition (730 units) AVANI E4 is available for pre-order.

LWH Wheel Base Motor Peak Power (kw) Max Torque (NxM). 0-60 Battery Capacity Max Range Max Speed (km/h)
4750 x 1905 x 1650 2930 200 360 7.9 Sec 90kWh Undetermined 170km/h
Trunk Size Tires Air Bag Structure EBD/CBC BAS/BA ASR/TCS/TRC ESC/ESP/DSC
375-840 L 235/60 R18 Front and Side 5 Doors / 5 Seats / SUV YES YES YES YES


  • Robust Deisgn
  • Save with Electa Coin
  • Electric Drive
  • Two Configurations

We’re accepting up to 12,000 pre-orders, with a non-refundable $5000 deposit. Deposit comes with an Electa eScooter. SUV delivery is anticipated for early 2024. AVANI E4 Retail Price: $74,999.