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Bikes  are  becoming  a  critical  tool  in  the  last-mile  delivery  sector. Our B4-Delivery  bike  allows  users  to  dominate  local  delivery routes. Delivery vans may be capable of  carrying more packages, but  they  are  much  less  efficient at  actually  making deliveries.  A recent  study  found  that  electric  cargo bikes  were  capable  of making  10  deliveries per  hour  on  average  in  urban areas,  while delivery vans made only 6 deliveries in the same period.


The  major  factor  was  the  e-bike’s  ability  to  skip  heavy  traffic utilizing bicycle  lanes and  more  abundant  parking  choices  for short  stops  while the larger  delivery  vans spend  nearly  twice  the time in traffic and securing parking. 


Future Models 


Our  next  generation  of  eBikes  will  allow  for  further  domination  of the delivery market, as you zoom past competing electric delivery bikes wasting valuable delivery time sitting at charging plugs.


We  are  working  to  get  our  Proteus  and  Loop-Gen  charging technologies  down  to  50cc  size  to  improve  the  charging  and distance  advantages  to  this  category  of  bikes.  In  this  next generation, the more you ride the more you charge! 


What could be better? Keep  an  eye  out  for  our  new  line  of  delivery  bikes  in  2023. Remember, existing customers get preference in ordering so grab this years models to get your business started, and be first in fine for the upgraded models.

NEW for 2023

We’re extending the utility of our delivery bikes by adding them to our mobile tracking system and branding the bikes for advertisers to create a new category of mobile billboard. By partnering with local non-profits, to offer the USE of the bikes in underserved  communities free  of  charge  we  will  deliver  outstanding  public relationsalong with exceptional coverage in urban and rural areas.



To  learn  more  about this  exciting  or  to  advertise  on  our  delivery  bikes, download  the eBike Billboard Presentation or send us an email for a representative to contact you.



Delivery services play a significant role in our cities and Electa Delivers will bring the carbon footprint from delivery to zero.
A state-of-the-art mobile application for Electa Delivers will soon be available to download.

ElectaDelivers.com is coming soon.


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