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Let us welcome you to the Privacy and Cookie Policy of the Derek Automotive Technologies websites and services (the “Policies”). These Policies shall be the document which discloses and informs the User (the “User” or “Your” or “You”) of the manner and reasons any information and data is gathered on the Derek Automotive Technologies website and services, all publicly available and accessible on the Web at https://www.Derek Derek Automotive Technologies is the parent company of DAT Electric Vans Inc. (now, EXEEDER, Inc.), and Electa Motors, Inc., both companies incorporated and existing in the State of Nevada of the United States of America (hereinafter referred to herein as the “Derek Automotive Technologies” or “Company” or “us” or “our” or “we”).

We are dedicated to being compliant with applicable laws and directives related to the handling of your personal information. It is very important that you understand and become fully informed when you decide to consent to the gathering, storing and use of your personal data. In case of any requests, , questions observations or other kind of comments you would like to make, related to your collected data or a request for removal, kindly contact us by sending such comment or request to



To make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions of these Policies correctly we want to clarify and define some key concepts which appear throughout this document:

1.1 Website shall be used to refer to the online webpages which are publicly available and accessible on

1.2 Services shall be used to refer to all the Services and products available on the Websites or at our dealerships.

1.3 Platform shall be used herein to refer to the interface accessible through the Website by means of a previously created account, which allows the use, access and purchase of the Services available thereon.

1.4 Account shall mean the online account which is created by the User, or in some cases, created by Derek Automotive Technologies for a corporate or consumer client, through which such User can access the Services and Products.

1.5 User shall be used in these policies to refer to the individuals who visit the Websites or access the Platform by means of an account, regardless of them being clients or freelancers.

1.6 Data Subjects shall be the individuals of which Derek Automotive Technologies may gather information and data of, pursuant to what is determined in these Policies.

2. INFORMATION WHICH Derek Automotive Technologies COLLECTS.

Whenever a User browses, interacts or creates an account on the Websites of Derek Automotive Technologies or its accelerator companies, Derek Automotive Technologies collects different kind of data to be able to provide the Services and Products thereon available. Such information can be as follows:

2.1 NON-Identifiable Information

This kind of information is data collected from Users automatically when they browse or navigate the Website, regardless of them being logged in or not. The information is NON-Identifiable, which means that we cannot or would not be able to identify a particular User with such data.

This gathered data in this category includes:

a) IP Address

b) Device

c) Browser

d) Plugin details

e) Language preference

f) Time zone

g) Screen size

h) Operating System

The way this data is gathered is mainly from cookies, beacons and third party service logs and analytics tools.

Derek Automotive Technologies WEBSITE AND SERVERS USE COOKIES. These are small files which are deposited by most sites on the internet on your device which is where they are stored. By using the Services you must consent to the use of cookies as we require them to keep the Services functional and efficient. At times we may also collect information from third party cookies.

You may also block cookies on your device or browser. However parts if the Websites and Services may no longer be functional if you do so. To understand more of what a cookie is, does and how to disallow the use of cookies on web browsers please  google ‘use of cookies on websites’ where you will find plenty of information on the subject of Cookies.

2.2 Provided Information

This data is sent by you to Derek Automotive Technologies to register an account on the Website or to access and use the Services. You may do so directly or you may choose to disclose such information through a third party. The data you decide to disclose and enter is stored by us on our servers and cloud systems. This information may include the following:

a) Name

b) Age/Birthday dates

c) Email Address

d) Location

e) Password

f) Gender

g) Telephone numbers

h) Descriptions

i) Payment Information

2.3 Project and Profile Information

This information is shared publicly throughout the Platform and the Websites to promote your project or your profile as a freelancer. You willingly publish that information on the Platform. Such information may include:

a) Profile Pictures

b) Videos

c) Links to third party portfolios and profiles (such as social media websites).

d) Professional, career and academic information.

Privacy levels and settings may apply and you may decide to input, change, hide or delete any of the information you have willingly entered. This may not apply to ratings, job scores, etc.

Time tracking software Information

Regarding the time tracking software available on the Website, we also may gather information and data when the software is being used, such as:

a) screenshots of your desktop

b) keystrokes

c) mouse movements

d) time and date on your device

e) information of the project you are working on

f) other information you input to the software and websites.


Derek Automotive Technologies does not intend to share, sell or otherwise commercialize your information. The data collected is used by us to run the functionalities and features of the Website and the Platform itself, to enable you to benefit from the Services available thereon and sometimes to improve parts of the Website and Services.

Most non-identifiable information is used by us to better understand your activities on the Website.

Other information is for us to do some due diligence when you open an account, verifying your identity, and sometimes making sure that other data such as academic and work information is true and verifiable.

We may use your email to send you information about the services which we consider may be important to you, such as payment receipts, and other important notices and information such as those relevant to your projects. We can also send you information warning you have received messages, offers or bids. You may enable and disable the frequency and preferences of such email notices by means of the platform.

Users may also subscribe to newsletters, email promotions, and other similar commercial notices, provided that they enable and register such subscription on the Website or Platform.

Derek Automotive Technologies shall only share this information pursuant to a legal order or subpoena which burdens Derek Automotive Technologies with the legal obligation of the disclosure of such personal information. If such obligation appeared we shall inform the affected User or Users within a reasonable timeframe.

Notwithstanding what is stated in this Section, some parts of your collected information is shared with third parties, such as PayPal, Stripe, other financial partners, and Google Analytics.


About the security of Users’ information and data, Derek Automotive Technologies is compromised to make reasonable efforts to protect its servers and databases, using third party security and encryption software to protect and attempt to keep harmless the confidentiality and privacy of User’s information and personal data. Even so, Users hereby agree and acknowledge that the internet is not a safe environment, and that there is no website that is 100% safe, despite of any efforts from any company whatsoever, to prevent breaches or attacks. Therefore, User states to understand that, despite of any efforts of Derek Automotive Technologies, breaches may occur, and information may from time to time be accessed by any means or shared or used in any way, or that such malicious parties may depositing any sort of malware or malicious software on our servers and which Derek Automotive Technologies does not have knowledge of.

From time to time parts of your information may be processed by a third party; such party shall be obligated to uphold these Policies, to protect the sensitive and personal data of Users of the Apps and the Websites, in the same proportion, or better manner than the policies set out by Derek Automotive Technologies.


User accepts, consents and authorizes Derek Automotive Technologies to send User notices to their provided email address, regarding any changes to these Policies, the Terms of Use and mainly for receipts of purchase of any services which may be available from the platform. Derek Automotive Technologies also requires to send emails to be able to provide such service, or if Derek Automotive Technologies expects any kind of reaction or action from its User.


For all applicable legal purposes Derek Automotive Technologies construes anyone under the age of 16 to be a Child. Derek Automotive Technologies does not knowingly collect the information of Children, and does not allow, encourage or otherwise sponsor the registration of minors under the before stated age.

Whenever Derek Automotive Technologies becomes aware that delicate or identifiable information that has been collected and that such information is of a Child or has been submitted by a Child Derek Automotive Technologies shall in a reasonable amount of time:

Not disclose with third parties and the collected information nor use it for any purpose.

Delete that personal information from its files as soon as possible; and

Be available for any further requests of such collected information to the Child’s parents or legal guardian.


Derek Automotive Technologies may amend, change, or update these Policies from time to time, to either improve this section, or compliance with new laws and regulations which may affect the handling, collecting and management of personal data, pursuant to any changes or innovations to applicable law. The changes to the Terms of Sale or these Policies shall be informed to the User’s Provided email address.


This section is meant to apply to Citizens of the EU or the EEA, including the United Kingdom, and grant Users additional rights regarding the collected data. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, Users which do not fall under the description of the previous sentence shall also benefit from these provisions.

8.1 Principles pursued.

a) As suggested by the GDPR, the amount of collected data has been kept to the minimum, and just suffices the purposes of what Derek Automotive Technologies needs to satisfy and be able to provide the Services;

b) Derek Automotive Technologies shall inform you to your provided e-mail address of any changes made to this section or to these policies;

c) The system shall require you to affirmatively consent with these policies and the terms of service of Derek Automotive Technologies;

d) As soon as Derek Automotive Technologies becomes certain of a data breach, we will send out an email informing about such breach;

e) All notification, subscriptions, or other activities related to the service of Derek Automotive Technologies are set to the minimum by default.

8.2 Rights conferred.

You may send an email to to reasonably exercise any of the following rights:

a) You may at any time require access to the data collected from you by Derek Automotive Technologies;

b) You may at any time require access to the data collected from you by Derek Automotive Technologies;

c) You may require that your collected data is transferred to you in a digital and readable format, and, if technically possible and feasible, the collected data be transferred to a different data collector, if such bridge where also technologically available;

d) You may require rectification regarding any information collected from you which contains mistakes or has been misconstrued.

Kindly allow our staff to respond to you in a reasonable amount of time for any email sent to the aforementioned address, for any of the rights considered in this Section 8.


In compliance with applicable law of the European Economic Area (the “EEA”), we inform all Users residing in the EEA or where regulation of the EEA applies, that your personal information may be transferred and/or stored at a geographic setting which is outside of the EEA or where the EEA regulations regarding privacy of data and information does not apply like within the EEA. Also, your information may be processed by agents, staff or personnel of a supplier, agent, and affiliate or partner companies outside of the EEA; notwithstanding the aforementioned, Derek Automotive shall make reasonable efforts in order for the information and personal data under these Policies to be treated with care and in compliance with any rules regarding personal information of the EEA.


If you believe that we have not adhered to this Privacy Policy or would like to request an amendment to your personal information being held by us, please contact our Privacy Officer by e-mail sent to our privacy officer at  . Only amendments which can be verified by us will be accepted.

To better protect individuals’ personal data, we are providing these terms to govern the handling by Derek Automotive Technologies of personal data (the “Data Processing Addendum” or “DPA”). This DPA amends and supplements applicable terms and policies and requires no further action on your part.


Questions regarding this Privacy Statement or the information practices of Derek Automotive Technologies’ Web site should be directed to Derek Automotive Technologies Privacy by mailing Derek Automotive Technologies Privacy, 232 19th Street NW, Suite 7312, Atlanta GA 30363.