We’re launching a training institute to educate new students on gas-to-electric vehicle conversion. We are in the process of building out physical campus and will immediately launch an online training program that will be available globally through our online university at

About the Training Program

RETRO by Exeeder is planning to lead the world in reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector. To achieve our ambitious goals we will need technicians with the skills required to convert multiple types of vehicles to electric drive.

Studying at a Hotbed of Innovation

Students at RETRO University have the opportunity to study under leading experts in this new field of gas-to-electric vehicle conversion. Instructors will channel their cuttingedge experience and insights into their teaching. Individual support is provided to students through various initiatives, shop classes, online instruction, and mentoring programs. RETRO university is introducing initiatives specifically to target female students, who we expect and want to become lead technicians in this budding new field.

Research into Tomorrow’s Challenges

Research at RETRO University is geared towards key challenges of the future: Electric vehicle conversion, off-grid alternative battery recharging methods, aerodynamic of vehicles, vehicle security, tracking, battery management system optimization, as well as business and Retro shop operations and management. We want to see new entrepreneurs spring from our training programs and opening their own retrofit shops.

Training Our Trainers

Before we can’t train millions of students, we need to train thousands of instructors. If you have automotive experience then you already have a head start on the skills required to convert cars to electric drive. Come learn the part you don’t know, and then join us as a training instructor. Interested? Send us an email to


Tuition Fees

Students can expect tuition to range between $15,000 and $35,000 for the training program, which consist of in-shop training, classroom training, and online instruction, depending on the skill level of the applicant at admission. We offer financial aid in some cases, so be sure to apply for admission regardless of your circumstances.



Our values will drive our reputation. Our ‘reason to be’ is to reduce carbon emission in the transportation sector. We will use technology and mechanical know how to accomplish our aims.

We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our stakeholders – students, industry partners, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we live and work.



We think of reducing carbon emissions to slow global warming and the resulting climate events as a human endeavor, and we invite people of all sexes, classes, religions, and ethnicities to join us in learning, teaching, and implementing the skills and technologies that will help control carbon emissions from motive-power machines.



We create a lively learning environment that demonstrates an enthusiasm for the environment, life, ideas and career growth.



We value open and honest communication in an environment that unleashes the potential of the people with whom we interact.



We are committed to lead the retrofit industry and continuous improvement of our technologies, and searching for breakthrough achievements by collaborating with each other to create value to our business, and the retrofit industry overall.



We take wise risks in inviting returning citizens and other underserved communities into our business and this industry. Our goal is empower everyone we touch.



We demonstrate integrity in all interactions while earning the trust and respect of others.



Our programs are too new to be accredited, but our plan is to partner with local accredited colleges and universities to bring additional prestige to our certification and to allow the institutions to wrap a degree program around our technical training program

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