What is the Electa Coin?

The Electa Coin is our on-ramp for the use of the blockchain. The Electa Coin is an NFT token that will soon be accepted for the purchase of any Derek Automotive product. Our Coin will be released concurrently with our branded crypto wallet to hold our currency, as well as any other digital asset. The use of our Electa Coin will earn consumers discounts and other benefits on purchases. 


Our roadmap includes a plan to build an economy around our coin / token, and to grow the token into an actual crypto-coin on the blockchain. Our Roadmap includes:

A ‘Smarter’ Token Methodology

The Electa Coin will support our new Electa World, and in Electa World, Creator’s Win!


Electa Tokens will be earned by our users - the NFT creators.


They won’t be pre-mined by some organization and sold to an unsuspecting public speculating on a 'boom'.


We intend to eliminate the Need to Buy Native Tokens, unless you’re simply searching for a discount on a product. Unlike other layer-2's, our users won’t need to buy 'native tokens' in order to finance their participation on-chain. Our Metaverse issues reward-tokens to our users when they mint user-generated-content NFTs. On our platform minting is done instantly, in game. With a funded wallet, there is no need to leave the game. This changes the landscape! Creating An Economy Around Our Coin.


Once our users have reward-tokens, they can use our latest technological innovation, the Electa-Bridge. This bridge provides token-holders with the ability to send their earned-tokens from layer-2 to Ethereum layer-1. Once tokens are on layer-1 they can be exchanged for other cryptocurrency using the Uniswap decentralized exchange.


Yes, selling tokens pushes the price down, but the bridge provides flexibility for our creators. Read-on to understand how token prices are supported by us.



How We Plan to Sustain Our Token Economy


The sustainability of the Electa Metaverse business-model is driven by the fact that all Derek Group and Electa World consumers pay a small cash-premium for our NFT products & physical products (Cars, Bikes, etc.), our ‘NFT-Premium'. (It’s like a small credit card fee.)


In short, we reward Creation (businesses, products, games, etc.) with Tokens. Then, we park 1% of product sales and the NFT-Premium in a sinking account to buyback tokens on the Uniswap decentralized exchange. Buying tokens pushes the price up. Now, we provide constant price support.


Building an economy around our coin means we have the potential to create an asset that can appreciate in value over time, allowing for billions in asset value, while simultaneously facilitating the sale of our products around the globe. Blockchain technology will allow a car company like ours to close deals in an hour, or even minutes, rather than having customers sitting in dealerships for half a day to purchase a vehicle. It’s our goal to meet the future head-on, and create purchasing ease anywhere in the world.

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